Frequently Asked Questions

How can I attend a session?

I offer individual and group sessions, both virtually and in-person. In-person sessions and events are held at 1336 Lake Street, Ogden, Utah.

How would you describe the classes?

Eastern movement practices like Qigong and Yoga focus on the connection between physical movements and mental well-being.

These practices aim to harmonize the body's energy flow, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

Everyone is welcome. All ages, all abilities.

What are the pre-requisites?

Only a willingness to try new things!

What are the recommended props?

The studio will provide all props for all in-person classes. Props for remote classes will be discussed at the welcome visit. The only equipment that you will need is a blanket if you get cold easily. However, no special equipment is needed.

Please dress comfortably.

What is QiGong? How is it different from exercise?

QiGong focuses on the unity of mind, body, and spirit. We are allowing the movement and embracing balance, rather than pushing ourselves to, or through, pain. QiGong is accessible and uses movement, breath, and meditation to help us look within, while bringing every part of ourselves into balance.

What is your lineage?

Martial qigong from the Liang Zhen Pu lineage of Ba Gua Zhang, and medical qigong from the Nian Li lineage of Binhui He

What is a Sound Bath or Gong Bath?

A Sound Bath is a deeply relaxing experience. Typically participants assume a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down, while a variety of instruments are played. The sound vibrations fill the room, "bathing" participants in sound.

A Gong Bath is a type of Sound Bath that primarily focuses on the gong. Most people find that the gong has a transcendent quality that aids in deep relaxation. At January Spirit, I am Gong Practitioner Certified, and have a special affinity for the gong.

QiGong? Eastern Movement Arts? Sound Baths? This all sounds strange and intimidating!

If you're new to all of this, it might seem strange, intimidating, or "out there", but I promise that it's all very accessible! Each of these modalities may hold benefits for you that are worth exploring, even if there is some minor discomfort when first starting out. At January Spirit, I know what it's like to be a beginner, and I am here to guide you along a rewarding wellness journey that is personalized to you!

Can I see the studio?

Sure! I can't wait to welcome you into the space, whether virtually or in-person. This is where the magic happens :)

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